Luna (littermate of Lena and Lappi)

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Luna is currently fighting squamous cell carcinoma in her mouth and on her lower jaw. It is the same cancer Angel Phil and Angel Don had. The location of the tumor is near her left front teeth. When it was diagnosed on November 11, 2004, it had already invaded her lower jaw bone. Her jaw is swollen from invading cancer cells and her tongue is pushed outside to the right by the tumor in the mouth. She cannot eat or drink on her own. She is fed through an esophagus feeding tube three times a day.

Despite her bleeding, swollen jaw, she is enjoying her life every day.

I love you, my little baby...

Younger days

Luna was born sometime in the spring of 1992 somewhere in Pasadena, CA. She and her two sisters and one brother were trapped when they were about 8 weeks old. They were brought in to a pet hotel next to a private cat shelter in West Los Angeles. The manager of the hotel, who was my good friend, asked me if I could foster these kittens until they were ready to be adopted. I agreed even though I already had seven cats at that time. Because they didn't have any human contact until they were trapped, they were pretty feral. They all hissed at us whenever we went close to their cage. I brought them back home and confined in one room until I could socialize them. They were named Leo, Luna, Lena, and Lappi. Leo and Luna were longhair, and Lena and Lappi were shorthair torties. Leo was the only boy in the litter. He was a fluffy, dilute orange boy. Luna was a counterpart to Leo with gray splashes all over her body.

Luna as a kitten:

Luna in the enclosed patio (2002):

Some black-and-white photos of Luna: