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Many veterinary pharmacies in the US will sell only to veterinarians.  This allows the veterinarians to add an additional "markup" when they sell the item to you.  The pharmacies below will sell directly to pet owners!  Most will do mail order.  All the pharmacies listed will microcompound calcitriol. Please note that compounded medications do require a prescription from your vet.


12 Corners Apothecary is a compounding-only pharmacy for complex medical and veterinary prescriptions.

1832 Monroe Avenue, Rochester NY 14618, T: (585) 244-8600, F: (585) 697-3490

Animal Pharmacy is a specialized compounding pharmacy designed to serve veterinarians and animal-care specialists.  The pharmacy specializes in compounding - a method of preparing customized medications to meet unique patient needs.

Animal Pharmacy, 66 West Avenue, Canandaigua, NY 14424, 1-800-663-5261, Fax (585) 396-7264
Web Site:   Email:


Listed as a supplier of microcompounded calcitriol on the Calcitriol for Cats & Dogs with Kidney Disease chat group on Yahoo.

1801 NW Market St., Suite 104, Seattle, Washington 98107, 206-782-6354

Beacon Prescriptions Compounding Pharmacy does:
  • sell directly to pet owners with appropriate prescriptions, but only to residents of Connecticut and Rhode Island.
  • microcompound calcitriol for treatment of pets with chronic renal disease (CRD).
  • protect the alcohol groups in calcitriol from oxidation.
  • sell aluminum hydroxide dried gel powder (USP) to treat high phosphorus.

Beacon Prescriptions Compounding Pharmacy, 609 North Main Street, Southington, CT 06489
Phone Number 860-628-3972 - Ask for Colleen     Fax number: 860-621-7862

Web Site:     Email:

Our company is Best Pet Rx.  We sell either to veterinarians or pet owners.  We are a pet only pharmacy and have extensive compounding services as well as a complete prescription pet pharmacy.  We offer free same day delivery in the New York Metropolitan Area and free next day delivery outside of the NY Metropolitan Area.  Best Pet Rx indicates they compound calcitriol for animal use and that they will sell the phosphorus binder aluminum hydroxide dried gel powder (USP) over-the-counter (OTC).

Our website is, clients can call us at 212-348-1800, veterinarians can call us at 1-800-792-6160.
Best Pet Rx, LLC,207 E. 94th St. 4th Fl., New York, NY 10128, - Phone: 1-800-390-BPRX (2779) - Fax: 1-212-348-3037 -



Diamondback Drugs specializes in custom compounding for prescribers and patients nationwide. Compounding enables the prescribing of medications in unique strengths and dosage forms on an individual patient basis. Through compounding, we can prepare formulations containing the exact dose of active ingredient(s), in dosage forms that are easy to administer and which taste great.

Diamondback Drugs, 7316 East Thomas Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Telephone: 480 946-2223, Toll Free: 1-866-646-2223, Fax: 480 946-2235, Toll Free Fax: 1-866-646-2235
Email:, Web Site:


Grove Pharmacy is a full service compounding pharmacy located in Springfield, Missouri.  Grove has been owned and operated by the Grove family since 1952.  We fill prescriptions for all areas of practice including veterinary medicine.  We service small and large animal clinics; exotic animals, zoo’s and wildlife refuges.  One of our 4 compounding pharmacists is a Registered Veterinarian that received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia.  The staff at Grove Pharmacy is ready to answer any questions you might have.  We make all of our prescriptions in our state-of-the-art laboratory and all prescriptions are made for the specific patient and paid for by their owners/caregivers.

Grove Pharmacy, 3050 S. National Ste. #109, Springfield, MO 65804 --, Phone P 417-881-8822, 
FAX 417-888-0667, Compounding 417-830-0339.



Northwest Compounders is an Oregon business that does veterinary compounding but only sells to folks in Idaho, Oregon and
Washington State.

From Tom Eilers, Pharmacist/Owner:

  • We sell directly to clients/patients, as well as sometimes to clinics. The vast majority of my business is selling directly to clients, either by mail or will-call here at the pharmacy.
  • We buy Calcitriol from PCCA a reputable source of this product. We then dilute the medication per order into a fixed oil, using almond oil or canola oil most often. We protect the alcoholic groups by incorporating anti-oxidants into the mixture (Vitamin E and BHT) in dilute concentrations.
  • We occasionally are asked to sell over the counter products to customers, and we accommodate those requests, including those for Aluminum Hydroxide. 

Northwest Compounders, 17972 SW McEwan Rd, Tualatin, OR 97224, Toll Free Number: 1-800-968-0742, 
Local Phone:  (503) 352-3811, Fax:  (503) 624-0591, E-mail:, 8AM-5:30PM Monday-Friday, 
Web Site:



The Pet Apothecary is a  [Milwaukee] Pharmacy providing medication solely for animals. As such, we formulate our own bases from chew treats to transdermal gels, from capsule contents to oral suspensions::with your pet in mind. We will consider your pet's flavor preference, allergies, size and weight when formulating your medication. We love what we do and are honored to assist you in treating your pet.  We are more then willing to assist ... with whatever [the] veterinarian recommends - whether the Veterinarian wants Aluminum Hydroxide powder, flavored suspension, or capsules. We will always provide instruction to enable the owner to best administer the medication in the proper amount and frequency. We are also happy to provide combinations of medication needed when compatible-such as benazepril+furosemide mixtures.

The Pet Apothecary, 8838 N. Port Washington Road, Milwaukee, WI 53217, Phone: 414-247-8633, Fax: 414-247-8635
email:   Web Site:


Pet Health Pharmacy is an Arizona concern that does veterinary compounding.  They were recommended by former clinician, Dr. Cheryl Roge, who wrote:  "I used an online pharmacy when I owned my clinic called Pet Health Pharmacy in AZ.  They can compound meds into forms the animals like more (liquids, gel capsules, etc) and their prices, even for the non-compounded regular meds, were very competitive and often unbelievably cheap.  Their quality is exceptional – no fake meds here. They have an excellent reputation in the veterinary community."

Pet Health Pharmacy, Inc., Toll Free Phone (800) 742-0516, Toll Free Fax (866) 373-0030, email:

SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy is located in Newark, Delaware.  Pharmacist Calvin A. Freedman, RPh, FACA,, FACVP, writes:

  • We do sell directly to pet owners based on prescriptions from their veterinarians.
  • We do "micro compound" calcitriol in the appropriate concentration for the pet.
  • We prevent the oxidation [of the alcohol groups in calcitriol] by the addition of d-Alpha Tocopherol, an anti-oxidant.
  • We do stock and sell aluminum hydroxide dried gel powder, but only on prescription from a veterinarian with directions for use.  We also compound an aluminum hydroxide suspension (flavored), on prescription.
  • I am a Fellow of the American College of Veterinary Pharmacists, and currently president of this national organization.

SaveWay Compounding Pharmacy, 31 Albe Drive Unit 1, Newark, DE 19702, 302 369-5520, 1-877-225-8469 , fax 302 369-5853
Email:  Web Site:


Triad Compounding Pharmacy is one of two compounding pharmacies recommended as a supplier of calcitriol by Dr. Larry Nagode of Ohio State University Veterinary College.  From the Triad web site: "Triad Compounding Pharmacy is a Compounding Only pharmacy dedicated to solving medication problems for patients and doctors since 1990.  Our laboratory located in Cerritos, California, combining the traditional art of pharmacy compounding and modern medical thought to solve unique patient and physician medication problems."  Triad is one of the two compounding pharmacies currently recommended by Dr. Larry Nagode of Ohio State University Veterinary College as a source for compounded calcitriol for treating cats and dogs.

Triad Compounding Pharmacy, 11090 E. Artesia Blvd - Suite H, Cerritos, Ca. 90703, Toll-free: 1-800-851-7900, Local: 1-562-468-4311,
FAX: 1-562-468-4314, email:, web site:

US Compounding is a PCAB Accredited™, compounding-only pharmacy long trusted to provide the highest quality compounded medications to patients, physician clinics, hospitals, and surgery centers throughout the United States. Our veterinary “patients” include all species: thoroughbred racehorses, dogs and cats, and even monkeys, rats, and elephants. Our staff is highly trained in the special needs of veterinary clients and their veterinarians and owners. Jennifer Hyde, PharmD, is US Compounding’s veterinary compounding specialist.

US Compounding Pharmacy, 1270 Don’s Lane, Conway, AR 72032, 1-501-327-1222, 1-800-718-3588
FAX Numbers:  Clinic Orders: 1-800-448-1103  Patient Specific Prescriptions: 1-800-448-6996
Web Site:   Email:


Wedgewood Pharmacy is a New Jersey concern that is one of the nation's largest veterinary compounders.  They were recommended by ... Samantha Adams, who notes 

" ... pretty amazing.  They handle people and pet prescriptions and the customer service is great.  You can fax in or have your vet call in your prescriptions ... if you call early, they ship the same day." 

Examples of drugs they sell:  100 capsules of amlodipine 1.25 mg, $75 plus shipping ($5 or so); cisapride (for megacolon), 100 5 mg caps are about $38 plus shipping ($5 or so).

Wedgewood Pharmacy • 405 Heron Drive Suite 200 • Swedesboro, NJ 08085-1749 • 1-800-331-8272, Fax 1-800-589-4250, 
Email:, web site:

Wells Pharmacy Network is a Florida concern that uses the same calcitriol microcompounding protocols as the now closed Franck's Compounding Pharmacy.

11120 S. Crown Way, Ste. 11, Wellington, FL 33414,  1-855-935-5779,  FAX  1-561-793-1750
Web Site: 


This page is the product of me, David Jacobson. The information presented here is not guaranteed.  Contact the vendors listed directly for their current prices and policies.  Feel free to link this page to other pages and web sites dealing with the medical treatment of cats and dogs.  And please contact me with any updated information or additional vendors, or your comments, criticisms and suggestions.  I appreciate your help.

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