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For cats:
Here are some support groups for the owners of cats with cancer:
Yahoo Group feline-cancer - For cats with any type of cancer.
Yahoo Group feline_lymphoma - For cats with lymphoma. Young and old.
Yahoo Group FelineCancer-Holistic - For those who are seeking holistic options to treat their cats with cancer.
Yahoo Group feline_VAS_Support - For cats with vaccine associated sarcoma.
For conditions other than cancer:
Yahoo Group feline_anemia - For cats suffering from anemia.
Yahoo Group Feline-CRF-Support - For cats suffering from chronic renal failure (CRF).
Yahoo Group FelineCRF - For cats suffering from chronic renal failure (CRF).
Yahoo Group Caring-for-CRF-Felines - Another support group for CRF cats.
Yahoo Group feline_crf_info_and_support - Another support group for CRF cats.
Yahoo Group feline_hyperT - For cats with hyperthyroidism.
Yahoo Group felineathma - For cats with asthma and respiratory diseases.
Yahoo Group feline-heart - For cats with heart conditions and HCM.
Yahoo Group felineIBD - For cats with inflammatory bowel disease.
For dogs:

The cases of canine cancer is also increasing. Although this site is primarily for cats, here are some support groups for the owners of dogs with cancer that we came across.

Yahoo Group CanineCancer - For dogs with various types of cancer.

Canines in Crisis - Primarily set up to deal with cancer. Also include extensive information on many other canine ailments such as Kidney, Heart, Arthritis, Cushing's Disease, Diabetes, Spinal Degeneration and Fistulas.
Robin's Canine Cancer Files - Lots of useful links.
Wulfgar's Cancer Links
The Canine Cancer Project
Grace's story (A Great Dane who had gone through the lymphoma protocol and bone marrow transplant who later developed osteosarcoma)