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Cancer Overview

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    Oral cancer
    GI cancer
    Mammary cancer
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Treatment Options

      Side effects
    Patient care


Medical Topics

    Pain management
    Blood tests
    Pilling a cat
    Compounding pharmacies
    Subcutaneous fluids
    First aid
    Caring for handicapped pets
    Veterinary supplies
    Pet hospice care


Nutritional Support



    Assisted feeding


Final Decision

    Definition of euthanasia
    Procedure of euthanasia
    Making the decision
    Grieving and support






Support Groups


Angels and Friends

  Holly the Lymphoma Trooper


Holly's Chemo Schedule


Tumor Tidbits

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Overview Thymoma in Dogs and Cat Radiation Therapy and Pain Control
Adriamycin Oncologic Emergencies
Nutrition and Cancer Overview Thymoma
Oral Chondrosarcoma Polycythemia Vera
Adenocarcinoma, Nasal Ocular Tumors
Cutaneous Hemangiosarcoma Bone Marrow Evaluation
Bone Marrow Evaluation 2 Getting a biopsy
Bladder Tumors Oncology Emergencies
Skeleton Osteosarcoma in Dogs Liver Tumors in Cats
Prostatic Tumors In Dogs Elspar (L-asparaginase)
Diagnostic Imaging Resistance to Chemotherapy
Renal Tumors in Dogs Squamous cell carcinoma - Gingiva
Astrocytomas Chondrosarcoma
Lomustine (CCNU) Chemotherapy Resistance
Denosyl Prostatic Neoplasia
Hydroxyurea (Hydrea) Chemotherapy Extravasation
Managing Hypercalcemia Bone Marrow Aspiration
Intralesional Chemotherapy Digit Tumors
Epulis Neutrophilia (Increased neutrophils)
Mitoxantrone Anal Sac Disorders
Sepsis Angiogenesis and Metastasis
Growth Hormone Supplementation in Dogs Common Chemotherapy Questions
Prognostic Factors in Vet Oncology Thyroid Adenocarcinoma
Passive Smoking and Cancer in Pets Canine Stomach Tumors
When Should Chemotherapy be Considered Principles of Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy Protocol Selection Nutritional Assessment
Nutritional Calculations Chemotherapy and Feline VAS
Palliate or Retaliate? Chemotherapy dosage
What is Apoptosis? Seminoma
Interferon Malignant Ear Canal Tumors
Hypertrophic Osteopathy Surviving Oral Melanoma (dogs)
Plasmacytoma Immunohistochemistry
Histologic Interpretation Diagnostic Imaging (2)
Alkylating Agents Bladder Cancer Update
Milk Thistle (Silymarin) Cryosurgery
Holistic Medicine Canine Breast Tumors
An Overview of the Retinoids Telomerase
Artemisinin Tumor Vaccines
Fine Needle Aspiration Indications Surgical Concerns for Insulinoma
Medical Management of Insulinoma Vaccination Sarcomas in Dogs
Essiac The Bladder Tumor Antigen Test
Chemodectoma Prednisone Use in Lymphoma
Doxycycline Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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